About A Greek Folk Journey

To many of us Greece is known for her archaeological treasures and beautiful landscapes, however this book sheds light on other lesser known aspects of Greek culture which are of equal interest and importance.


A Greek Folk Journey is a mesmerizing cultural and gastronomic journey into Greece’s past and present.

It is an exceptional specimen of modern Greek folklore and offers an overview and selective record of festive events in contemporary Greece over the calendar year. 


The number and diversity of activities (nearly 400) mentioned is astounding. They include masquerades, collective customs, symbolic acts, fires, satirical performances, religious and commercial fairs as well as all kinds of events, festivals,

sporting contests, historical re-enactments and presentations of region specific products.


This work also includes newly established events, the increasingly popular festivals of specific agricultural and other local products, traditional recipes and beverages associated with an area and have become its trademark.


Written for a broad readership the book serves not only as a guide but also raises food for thought about Greek folklore
in general.

It is unique among the relevant literature as it can be used in a multitude of ways: as a tourist guide and handbook to inspire and organize excursions to different regions, a comprehensive folkloric study of today’s folk culture in Greece’s provinces and finally a glossary of product festivals and local specialities.

The main objective of this book is to inspire the reader to visit and explore the different regions of Greece on his/her own personal “folk journey” and experience the rich vibrant local culture and savour the myriad of tastes that the local gastronomy offers.